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JT Cunha

JT Cunha has been doing theatre since the age of 6, but has been performing for longer than that. At 4 years old, the sitcom fan was the life of any party, entertaining guests with theme songs from shows like Gilligan’s Island and All in the Family.

As a plucky ingénue looking for a behind-the-scenes gig, à la Mary Richards, JT started working as a techie for Bits in 2016. And 5 years later, a star was born!

The Middletown native studied acting and directing at the University of Rhode Island and currently teaches and directs for Newport Children’s Theatre, where they used to performed as a child. (9 years ago, JT was RIGHT HERE in The Firehouse Theatre taking NCT’s Teen Rep acting class!)

Some of JT’s favorite roles include playing Frank ‘N’ Furter in The Rocky Horror Show and Trekkie Monster in Avenue Q. Favorite impressions they’ve done as a Bit Player include Lady Gaga, Will Arnett, and the entire cast of Schitt’s Creek.

JT’s dream is to follow in the footsteps of Barbara Eden, Patty Duke, Amanda Bearse, and Elizabeth Montgomery by playing identical cousins on a sitcom!

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