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Jarrod Pimentel

is an island native and as such, displays an elitism normally reserved only for Newport’s most exclusive and posh country clubs. Having ruminated from questionable Portuguese and Canadian stock, he possesses an intrinsic comedic talent only superseded by the density of his man-pelt. When not stockpiling useless Masters Degrees, you can usually find Jarrod in one of Newport’s many local watering holes, often with a microphone in hand belting out Huey Lewis and the News’ “Power of Love” or embarrassing the hell out of his friends and loved ones. Many Jarrod sightings have also occurred at various open mic nights around the state where he will cover Kelly Clarkson songs and scream out his own ditties. Jarrod’s attention seeking truly knows no bounds. As the token guitar slinger in The Bit Players, “Lady JaJa” has the undeniable pleasure of working with the most talented group of improv comedians in Rhode Island. You should come see what terribly off color phrases bloviate from his sound hole every Friday and Saturday night at the Firehouse Theater with Newport’s own, Bit Players. He lives in Newport with his lovely wife Stephanie (who he met at a Bits show) and his adorable Plott Hound, Gracie. They are grateful to the Bits for getting him out of the house.

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