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Devon Mello

has been playing piano most of his life now, and has been a member of The Bit Players since July 2011. He makes up the Bit Players’ original Band along with Saxophonist, Drummer, & Prodigy, Chase Ceglie. He and Chase also play music together at various cocktail parties, restaurants, and other rich people functions when in town. He primarily plays Jazz and Rock, but his passion lies with R&B. A graduate of Rogers High School where he took part in various musical groups as well as the Theater Company, Devon is currently a student at Bard College in New York. He is studying the “Written Arts” and participates in the sketch and improv groups on campus. Outside of The Bit Players, Devon is a member of the musical comedy group “Monstrostrous” with Bit Player alum and best friend Patrick Dugan. His celebrity crush will forever be a Young Winona Ryder. He tried the “Gallon Challenge” before a show one time, and his least favorite Transformer is Dinobot.

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