Tim "Lobo" Linhares

is a Capricorn, his favorite color is green (and purple), his favorite number is 23, he says that Dinobot is his favorite Transformer of all time, and he is a writer, poet, teacher, lover, gamer, photographer, technology wunderkind, Brazilian jiu-jitsu white belt, professional wrestler, your new friend, and improviser! 


After completing a semester of an improv introductory course at Rhode Island College, Lobo auditioned for The Bit Players in December 2011 at the suggestion of fellow Bit, Tim Bric. He was welcomed into the group in January and has been dedicated to improving his improv. In the summer of 2012, he studied improv classes at the Contemporary Theater Company in Wakefield, RI and has been devouring books on improv ever since. Lobo has always been a fan of comedy and improv, he cites watching reruns of Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK Edition) as the moment when he became fascinated with improv and hoped one day he'd get to commute to Newport to make people laugh.