Katrina Fortier

is an agent in a deep undercover operation. Roughly three years ago she began posing as a singer/songwriter in the New England Area. Her normal missions include but are not limited to, singing in local establishments to elicit the consumption of exotic libations and exquisite food pairings, hosting Karaoke nights in RI, and DJing weddings across the state. In order to move closer to achieving the missions objective, over the past two years Katrina has been crafting her special ops techniques through  intense Improv studies and 3 hours of daily people watching. Katrina has just recently made large strides in her assignment and is successfully infiltrating the notorious Bit Players, in hopes to reach as many people as possible and spread laughter to them all. When Katrina has a minute of time to herself(doesn't happen often being that she is so busy being an agent, you know) she likes to work on her first book… so if you see her at a show make sure to use the secret code words "Did you finish your book yet?" A smile shall signify her mutual acknowledgement that she has probably not yet finished her book.