Annemarie Holly

originally comes from the far-away land of Taylor Ham, egg & cheese sandwiches also known as New Jersey.  This is where she found her first love: being the center of attention. She learned at the age of 5 that the "Vanna White" technique worked best to get her family/friends to pay attention to her. This technique is simply walking into a crowd of people and spinning slowly in a circle with your arms wide open.  (Please note: Vanna was generally in a beautiful dress and Annemarie was most likely found using this move in overalls or a Canadian tuxedo)  Nearly 25 years later and Annemarie still uses the "Vanna" for a variety of situations including, but not limited to:  making new friends in local bars, getting the attention of colleagues during meetings, and cutting the line at the deli counter of Shaw's.  Now, she can be found feeding her need for attention on a regular basis at The Firehouse Theater where she also very conveniently celebrates her love for the stage and improv comedy. Annemarie has lived in Rhode Island for the past 6 years with her husband.  Ease of getting to the beach and instant forgiveness for her sometimes poor driving skills are just a couple of reasons why she loves it here in The Ocean State.  In her free time, Annemarie enjoys rotting her brain with reality television and spending time with her very patient and wonderful husband, Jon.